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Nation states have been useful tools during the evolution of the human species. However, nation states, and more specifically the cultures that define them, are responsible for wars, land disputes, tariffs, barriers, borders, tax havens, trade wars, currency disputes and economic migration. They actively promote cultural differences that prevent us working together as a global society, and they are responsible for preventing global responses to natural disasters and man-made problems.

We should at least consider taking another step in the evolution of the way we organise ourselves, in order to resolve the major issues confronting our species today.

This paper proposes a system that would let us replace multiple competing nation states in favour of one global system of government. It proposes that cultures free themselves from geographical boundaries, enabling global diasporas to co-exist within a single governance framework. It seeks to achieve a balance between collaborative and individual success.

The proposed system would provide common governance processes and services globally, and these would allow us to tackle major issues such as wars, human inputs to climate change, migration, inequality, drug abuse, government debt, housing, land disputes, tax evasion, and conflicts between social and commercial aims, at a global scale.

It proposes a global finance model that can free us from our current national debt burdens, and provide all the investment required to:

It proposes a contract between state, citizen and organisation that enables the exploration and adoption of new ideas, while providing the stability which allows us to achieve long term aims.

The paper then explores how we might adopt this new system, and transition from our current situation. It identifies blockers that might prevent transition, and behaviours that will make it easier. It also attempts to identify which of our current nations or institutions might lead the charge, and most importantly what individuals can do to help.

Ah, the lure of Utopia! Too good to be true? Maybe. Have a read and then make up your own mind.

Read it, absorb it, think on it, relax your own cultural bonds and become one with the species, even if it is only temporary.


Supporting material

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Systems Engineering definition



System component

Kwame Anthony Appiah (mistaken identities)

Nation states and cultural affiliations

Akbar Ahmed (debating the war of ideas)

Ideology, ethics and morals

Jeremy Rifkin

Infrastructure and the sharing economy


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Language tags

“On the organisation of the species”. A proposal for global human organisation

"Sur l'organisation des espèces" Une proposition pour un système d'organisation humaine mondiale

"Über die Organisation der Art" Ein Vorschlag für ein System globaler menschlicher Organisation

«Об организации вида». Предложение о глобальной системе организации человека

"Sobre la organización de las especies". Una propuesta para un sistema global de organización humana

"Sobre a organização da espécie." Uma proposta para um sistema global de organização humana

"Mengenai organisasi spesies." Cadangan untuk sistem organisasi manusia global




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